Are you concerned about the education your child is getting in the public school system?
Do you fear for your child’s safety considering the violence and bullying you hear about?
Are you frustrated with the lack of attention your child gets?
Do you believe your child deserves better?

Well you’re not alone.

These are the same concerns many parents have today when sending their children to public school.
But there is a solution and it’s not a costly private school.

It’s a Nevada Homeschool Education

By homeschooling in Nevada, you can control what your child learns, as well as the pace. You don’t need to worry about their safety, and you can give them the attention they need to become successful, productive adults. And if you’re not sure about launching a homeschool in Nevada and you’d like to learn more about it and its history, then please, Click Here.

Think homeschooling is too difficult? Or maybe you don’t know where to begin?

by Frances Mitchell


Imagine a tailored suit, made to fit the one person planning to wear it – every curve and every stitch is deliberate. What if you could provide the same for your child? Be able to tailor their education just for them? Take them on field trips that could inspire them, introduce them to classic stories that stimulate imagination and wonder. Well, you can!

Start teaching your child from home with


This is what I do.  I help families find a better way to educate their children by creating a customized learning experience, identifying their interests and thinking outside the box. 

Homeschooling is not the easiest job a parent will ever have, but like the Peace Corp’s slogan says, “It’ll be the toughest job you’ll ever love!”

Let me help you customize the best education for your child by learning how to homeschool in Nevada. Here are our five packages that provide guidance at various stages in setting up your homeschool program Nevada.


Homeschool with Mother and Daughter

One-Month Package

Get Homeschools Now’s One-Month Package provides would-be Nevada homeschoolers with one month of guidance to get them oriented to Nevada home schooling and learning about Nevada homeschool programs and is ideal for those who:

Realize they’re unhappy with the public-school education their child is receiving and want to investigate homeschooling.

Have decided that homeschooling is what’s right for their child’s education but are unsure how to being the process or what’s required.

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 homeschooling high school student

Three-Month Package

Get Homeschools Now’s Three-Month Package provides Nevada homeschoolers not only the information and guidance available in the One-Month Package, but also one-on-one time and additional support to get you set up and on your way for a period of three months. This package is ideal for those who:

Are a bit intimidated with the whole Nevada homeschooling process and feel they would benefit from additional support.

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A father provides homeschooling with his son.

One-Year Package

Get Homeschool Now’s One-Year Package is just that – all the support Nevada homeschoolers need to make sure their accredited homeschool programs Nevada are properly set up and running as smoothly as possible for a period of one year.

It builds on those aspects of the One Month Package and Three Month Package that are appropriate here. This package is great for those who:

Want a smooth start and have ongoing Get Homeschool Now guidance and support to deal with issues that might arise, which will keep their Nevada home schooling running smoothly for a full year.

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Get Homeschool Now - father helping kids do homework

Try-Out Package

Get Homeschools Now’s Summer Try-Out Package provides Nevada’s would-be homeschoolers a summer school tryout by setting up a three-month homeschool summer program for their child. This allows both the child and the parent to see how Nevada homeschooling works. This package is ideal for those who:

Realize they’re unhappy with the public-school education their child is receiving but want to try out Nevada homeschooling before making a long-term commitment.

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Get Homeschool Now summer education program

Additional Education Package

Get Homeschools Now’s Summer Additional Education Package provides Nevada parents the opportunity to create a summer school program tailored to help their child with a course or courses that would involve the following:

Provide their child the opportunity to catch up with or improve on the course work provided at the public school they attend.

Offer their child the opportunity to augment the education they’re getting in a course or courses related or supplemental to what’s being provided in thei public school.

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Complimentary Consultation

Get Homeschool Now offers a complimentary phone consultation to anyone interested in learning more about our Nevada homeschool packages or signing up for one. If interested, please click on the COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION button below and fill out the Consultation Information Form on the Contact Page and we will be in touch.