Three-Month Package

How To Employ Homeschooling


Get Homeschool Now’s Three-Month Package provides not only guidance in setting up your homeschool Nevada’s education plan but also one-on-one time and additional support for a period of three months so as to get you on your way. This package is ideal for those who:

Are somewhat intimidated with the whole Nevada homeschooling  process and feel they would benefit from additional on-going support.

What you get…

Get Homeschool Now: mother and children homeschooling

You get everything in the One-Month Package in addition to…

+  Assistance in Filling Out Paperwork

     As you are filing out the required paperwork you might come upon roadblocks with certain accredited homeschool programs Nevada. In such cases we are here to help you cut through the bureaucratic red tape and get you on your way to developing and employing your Nevada homeschool curriculum.

+  Implementing Personalized Resource List

     There are an overwhelming number of resources available to you as a parent of a homeschooler. In some cases, you might not know how to access or best use them. I will work with you to ensure you get the most out of your resources.

+ Monthly Check Ins

    As you work through your Nevada homeschool education plan you will no doubt come upon roadblocks or experience some difficulties. At these times we can talk through these difficulties and come up with a plan to resolve or overcome them.

The cost for this Homeschool Nevada Three-Month Support Package is:

One Payment – $800 (paid in advance)

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Complimentary Consultation

Get Homeschool Now offers a complimentary phone consultation to anyone interested in learning more about our Nevada homeschool packages or signing up for one. If interested, please click on the COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION button below and fill out the Consultation Information Form on the Contact Page and we will be in touch.