One-Year Package

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Get Homeschool Now’s One-Year Package is just that – all the support Nevada homeschoolers need to make sure their homeschool is properly set up and runs as smoothly as possible for a period of One Year. This package is great for those who:

Want a smooth start and have ongoing Get Homeschool Now guidance and support in order to deal with issues with Nevada home schooling that might arise. This will keep their Nevada homeschool running smoothly for a full year.

What you get…

A father provides homeschooling with his son.

You get everything in the One-Month and Three-Month Packages in addition to…

+ Ongoing Monthly Nevada Homeschool Curriculum Guidance and Adjustments

As you gain experience and go through the process you might realize there are some parts of your homeschooling programs Nevada you might need to adjust. These monthly calls will give us an opportunity to fine tune the curriculum to insure it is relevant and appropriate for your child+ Bi-Weekly Student-Focused Progress Check-ins for the First Two Months

Not all children take to homeschooling the same, especially if they are coming from another form of education. The first two months of the academic year we will be in touch to discuss your child’s academic progress and adjustment to the homeschool setting.

+ Monthly Student-Focused Progress Check-ins for the Last Two Months

As you gain more experience teaching, you will have a better idea of where to adjust to ensure you child continues to progress and grow. These two monthly check ins will give you room to go at it your own but still be able to reach out for support as needed.

The cost for this Homeschool Nevada One-Year Package is:

• Annual – $1,200 (paid in advance)

• Biannual – $1,500 ($750 1st payment, $750 2nd payment – sixth month)

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Complimentary Consultation

Get Homeschool Now offers a complimentary phone consultation to anyone interested in learning more about our Nevada homeschool packages or signing up for one. If interested, please click on the COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION button below and fill out the Consultation Information Form on the Contact Page and we will be in touch.