One-Month Package

How To Begin Homeschooling


Get Homeschool Now’s One-Month Package provides Nevada homeschoolers with one month of guidance to get them started and is ideal for those who:

Realize they’re unhappy with the public-school education their child is receiving and want to investigate Nevada home schooling.

Have decided that homeschooling is what’s right for their child’s education but are unsure how to go about home schooling in Nevada.

What you get…

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+ Overview of Nevada’s Homeschooling Law

We’ll begin by setting you up to meet the legal requirements for Nevada homeschooling programs. While homeschooling in Nevada is lightly regulated there are still requirements and forms to meet state directives. Some forms such as “A Notice of Intent to Homeschool”, you need to fill out before ever starting the homeschooling process.

+ Assistance Developing an Educational Plan for Submission to the Nevada Board of Education

Part of Nevada homeschooling laws require that parents/guardians create a Nevada homeschool education plan that meets minimum state subject requirements such as English, math, science, and social studies

+ Assistance Creating a Daily Nevada Homeschool Curriculum 

Developing a schedule for your child can be difficult especially if you child has special needs or is in gifted programs. Together we will focus on home learning environment, including materials, curriculum and grading that works with your family’s schedule and your child’s learning and social needs.

+ Personalized List of Educational Resources for You and Your Child

   There are a lot of resources available to you in Nevada.  We will provide you with a list of resources and local groups you can turn to for support.

The cost for this one-month Homeschool Nevada Support Package is:

One Payment – $500 (paid in advance)

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Complimentary Consultation

Get Homeschool Now offers a complimentary phone consultation to anyone interested in learning more about our Nevada homeschool packages or signing up for one. If interested, please click on the COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION button below and fill out the Consultation Information Form on the Contact Page and we will be in touch.