According to the Nevada Department of Education, homeschooling is defined as “a parent, guardian, or other person having custody of a child who provides home-based instruction to the child.” In order to homeschooling in Nevada State, parents must follow certain requirements.

Parents who wish to homeschool their children in Nevada must notify the local school district superintendent of their intent to homeschool. This notification must be made in writing and must include the names, addresses, and birthdates of the children who will be homeschooled. Parents must also submit a yearly declaration of intent to homeschool form to the Nevada Department of Education.

In order to meet the state’s requirements for home-based instruction, parents must provide their children with an education that is “equal to or greater than the standards adopted by the State Board of Education for public schools.” Parents must also keep records of their child’s educational progress, which must be made available to the local school district superintendent upon request.

Nevada law does not require parents who homeschool their children to be licensed teachers. However, parents who wish to teach their children at home must meet the qualifications for teaching set forth by the Nevada Department of Education. These qualifications include completing a criminal background check and passing a basic skills examination.

Nevada homeschooling laws allow parents to choose the educational approach that best meets their child’s needs. Parents are not required to use a specific curriculum or teaching method when homeschooling their children.  However, parents must ensure that their children receive an education that is equivalent to or greater than the standards adopted by the State Board of Education for public schools.

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